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    Macrium Reflect free

    This is puzzling question about my backup disappearing. I used the Macrium Reflect free version and sent an xp backup to my WG external drive
    Now searching the external drive I see all my tons of photos etc I saved on there but do not see anything that could be my Macrium Reflect image backup.
    I have never used it before so not sure what would be looking for but I see several 'suitcases' of other older back ups and tons of photos etc but nothing else.
    Do I need to use the Macrium Reflect to even see it on there?

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    Opening up the external drive in explorer view should show the image backup. If you cannot then obviously something went wrong.

    When creating an image it is often best to keep the image in it's own folder, but not doing so is by means no impediment to
    finding the image within the Macrium UI.

    When you first create an image always verify by at least opening the drive in explorer to view the actual .mrimg file, also ensure that Macrium can access it both
    while Windows is running, and from the Macrium boot disk.
    The best way to verify is to restore the image you just created via the bootable Macrium disk that should always be created.
    (this should be done at least once if you are new to restoring images with this, or any image application.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    The Macrium Reflect backup file names are of the format:
    (where the main part in front of the first hyphen varies each time you run a full backup).
    Subsequent incremental backups following a full backup go
    and so on...

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