If you are using WHS2011 to create and save images from commercially acquired Windows 8/8.1 machines, you have overcome the few hurdles encountered to for backup. I came across a new one the first time I tried to restore the wife's ASUS X202e laptop. After getting the machine to boot to the recovery environment using a flash drive, I quickly arrived at the moment you are asked to provide network drivers. You can extract them from WHS2011, and I even have copies of such things already standing by in folders on other machines. The drivers claimed to load, but no network activity light on switch, server can't be reached. After scratching my head for 12 hours, I realized the problem must be drivers marked for Win8 not functioning in a Win7 (server 2008r2) environment! After hunting down the win 7 drivers for the Qualcomm Atheros AR8162/8166/8168 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) -that ASUS would not allow acess to-I offered those up on reboot to recovery partition. The connection would light up...go out...light up...go out. I am thinking it is because the recovery software was trying the different versions provided (several in the folder), but finding none marked as Win8 to match hardware, moved on...so i still had no connection. Reboot, offer the same drivers, this time interrupt search as soon as I see connection established. I tried to do this with "cancel" button, didn't work, so yanked flash drive. Immediate error notice that process was interrupted, software could not continue, did I want to cancel? I noticed, however, connection remained...and I could close error notice without canceling entire op...and once I did...I was able to complete Full System Restore of this Win8 (upgraded to Pro w/media player, then 8.1 Pro w/media player) with the same ease I have had restoring Win7 machines. <whew!> This was much better, to my mind, then spending the huge amount of time using Win8's refresh tools require.