I was wondering if I can get some help with this question of mine.

I have recently bought TP-LINK wireless USB adapter for my PC desktop which only has a NIC that is connected to my work router. I work from home, so there is two networks - with one for work and the other one for home use only. My home network uses a wireless modem router.

Since I would like to connect to my home network as well as my work network, I bought this wireless USB adapter which will enable me to connect to my home network. This way, I can access to both worlds.

When It's been working fine in the background as a service for a few days, I started to notice that while I was playing a game, the focus suddenly went away from my games application. When this happened, all I had to do to rectify the issue is clicking on my application using my mouse. This happens quite regularly and to a point where it;s really started to annoy me.

The adapter is set to start automatically when windows boots. So I went to disable it so that it wouldn't get started. This has resolved my whole problem with this focus changed.

My question is if the wireless adapter loses its wireless connection, should it not try to reconnect seamlessly in the background without affecting the focus.

Is there any way of solving this issue rather than disabling the product altogether?

my PC runs on Win 7 Pro - 64 bit.

Thank you very much.