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    Mail Merge Word 2013 Office365 shared mailbox

    How-to requested, if how-to is possible.

    Office 365 Business edition. We are using a shared mailbox, 3 users have full rights, and SEND-AS rights to the mailbox. All three can send mail from the account, as the account. They can send from portal access, or from Outlook 2013 client access (shared account shows in their Outlook left panel also).

    A user is doing a mail merge, email distribution, and needs the mail sent from the shared mailbox. Manually, we can send by dropping the FROM email box, and selecting the shared account.

    Using mail merge, there does not seem to be an option for FROM. Since it is a shared mailbox, it has no credentials to login with, so a profile for the shared account can not be setup.

    How does one accomplish this. In the Pre-O365 days, we logged in using the shared mailbox credentials, ran the mail merge, and emailed the document. Now, we can only email from the shared account through the web portal, or Outlook 2013 client.


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    I'm having this exact problem and would love to find a workaround. From what I can tell, however, this is something of an oversight with Office 365.

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