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    Angry How to lose $300!

    I consider myself to be reasonably computer savvy, but I got scammed today. Here is how
    Step 1.
    Have a very bad cold, stuffy nose, sore throat and rasping cough, all so you are not as alert as you normally are.
    Step 2.
    Turn on your computer around 6.0 am and go away to get some coffee. Come back just to see something about an update but you are not sure what. Discover you cannot access the Internet in several of your browsers, but you can in another.
    Step 3.
    Decide to call Norton as they are your Internet Security and this is sometimes an issue with updates. You do this as you have a very busy day ahead of you with lots of work to get completed. Forget the number for Norton's Technical Support so your Google it. You see Norton, you see the contact number, you call it.
    Step 4.
    Don’t listen to those internal nagging sensations saying this is not right as the people say they work closely with Norton and provide an extra service that cleans and modifies software, unlike Norton that merely stops viruses. Just blindly accept that this is a Norton Group and that you have trusted them in the past and so should trust them now when they take over your machine.
    Step 5.
    Don’t really question when they say yes we can fix this but you need to subscribe to our new service that will enable us to maintain the health of your machine. Pay up the $199.98 subscription fee
    Step 6.
    Watch for several hours as they seem to dismantle things on your computer and then find you cannot access the Internet at all. The computer will not recognize any WiFi or will not use the Ethernet.
    Step 7.
    Check on your spare laptop the Norton site, type in the name of the people “helping you” by remotely controlling your machine and discover that iYogi is a scam. Immediately disconnect the phone from iYogi.
    Step 8
    Seek the help of your brilliant son-in-law who is able to (eventually) find the Ethernet access. Use this to contact Norton who fix any issues with Norton but cannot do anything else. They are aware of iYogi and are working with Google to try and stop them hijacking people seeking support from Norton. It seems iYogi has done similar things with Dell and I would guess other computer providers. They are very good, they follow the protocols you expect from the company (as in Norton in my case)
    Step 9.
    Contact the support desk of the manufacturer of the laptop who say they can fix it, but as it is a not a warranty problem so there will be a charge. Pay the $100 and watch them fix the problem, albeit taking an hour to do so. By now it is after 4.30 pm
    Step 10.
    Feel like an idiot who has wasted an entire day, and lost $300 in the process. The bank are trying to stop the $200 to iYogi but I am not holding my breath. I will also be reporting the whole issue as a case of fraud.

    So be warned, iYogi is a SCAM.

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    I've had Norton's techs hook up to my laptop on a couple of occasions and their help is completely free - unlike vendors and MS.

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