I'm working on a several hundred page document. Yesterday Word 2013 worked fine on this Windows 7 Enterprise platform.

This morning I diligently installed about 27 M$ updates on this box. Now Word 2013 is acting v....e.....r.....y l....e....t....h....a....r....g....i....c. It's killing my forward progress, and the app is frequently blowing up on me. That is, simply shutting itself down and losing my changes, at which point I have to perform document recovery, or else it's just very slow and occasionally displays the Not Responding message in its title bar.

I'm now working from my local drive rather than a networked volume, attempting to mitigate any possible network issues. I've also taken pains to search and destroy any residual ~temporary files Word's been littering about. After today's updates, I have performed a hard boot on this PC and reopened Word, just to be certain that I'm not dealing with a retardant memory issue.

In particular, both the Ribbon and the context menu is very slow to respond, and pressing [Ctrl]+[S] takes an inordinate amount of time before my doc is saved.

Nothing's solving this problem, and my boss (who wanted me to do all of my editing in Acrobat) will soon be asking me about my forward progress.

What to do?