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    Windows 7 Updates question

    Hello all,

    I hope that I am posting this correctly.

    What is going on here? I recently upgraded from XP to Win 7 64-bit. Now, after visiting the ASKWOODY.COM site, I get the impression that any Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11, Office Products 2010 patches/updates are not to be trusted. I am setup (per WOODY) not to automatically install any patches. I have already written off KB 2952664 as a non-install.

    I did the KB search on ASKWOODY.COM and for all searches I am stuck at DEVCON 2, "Nothing found". Is anybody testing these patches so we can move (with cofidence) toward DEVCON 5? In Woody's defense, I have googled (bing'd) my patches on the web and seen that yes, a lot of them have problems.

    I never had this concern when installing WIN XP patches before the upgrade. Win XP patches were generally trustworthy at release time.

    Any clarification that you can give me will be appreciated.


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    All Windows patches make changes and some of those changes can be detrimental to certain configurations. That is not to say the patches are untrustworthy, just that they may adversely affect some systems. If you don't need your computer to behave every time you want to use it, apply all patches regardless. If you want to be a little more careful, read the patch recommendations.

    cheers, Paul

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    For over a decade on numerous PCs I've installed the monthly patches within a day or two of their release. I can count on less than one hand the number of times I've had any problem. Once there was a corrupted .NET installation. Another time I caused a problem by installing a bad display driver before the Microsoft updates and not giving myself enough time to test the driver. Another time a few years ago there was a Windows 7 patch that would not install on one machine until I downloaded it separately and installed it from the downloaded file.

    When you have approximately 1.5 billion installations of an operating system as Microsoft does there are bound to be some problems. There are just too many variables in configuration to account for in test labs. An issue in even a small percentage of the population results in large absolute numbers. Remember, that in forums you tend to see the bad news not all the successes.


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