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    Question Can't restore data from BKF!

    Hello folks....!

    I'm in trouble. Last month I took backup of my desktop with BE 2012. The whole backup was divided into 4 parts, i.e. 20 GB each as the total size was 80 GB. Last week I formatted my desktop, but kept the backup safe in an external hard drive. After the formatting was done, I moved this backup file to the system and tried to restore it.

    But I couldn't.

    Don't know why!

    I consulted some agents and I was told that my file is corrupted. It seems the corruption has occurred while moving the backup file from system to external drive and from external drive to system.

    Can you guys please help me? I need to restore my data from the backup.

    Thanks for your assistance here.

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    Restore the backup from the external drive you originally created it on, and do it from a BE 2012 bootable disk.

    This is an image based backup we're talking about here right?
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    IIRC, BE does NOT deal well with moving the backup files (one of the reasons I no longer use BE).


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    Backups scare the hell out of me. In 35 years of programming/testing/systems Engineering I have seen attempts to restore from backups fail as often as they have succeeded. And that's on systems backed up by systems administrators. Sometimes if you have more than one backup, you can go the the next one back, and restore from that, but if something is wrong with the newest backup, it's probably wrong with the next oldest one.

    Having said all that, the last time I restored from a backup, it worked perfectly. I was surprised.

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