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    Because of the issue of Revo and 64 bit programs, I switched from Revo to Geek Uninstaller (free). It handles both 32 and 64 bit programs and seems to be as effective as Revo.

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    I used Reg Organizer a long time before. It is shareware or commercial, I can't remember, but also is very effective, cleaning both the registry and disk space from the removed software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisJakarta View Post
    Based on advice in this thread, I installed IObit Uninstaller. I did not see any options during either download or installation offering additional programs. However, after several days, I started to see a popup appearing offering s game called Magic Barrage. I HATE such popups, because I assume they indicate some from of infection. After checking for malware, I googled Magic Barrage, and found indications that it was related in some way to IObit. I therefore uninstalled IObit Uninstaller, and the popups stopped appearing.

    Am I correct in connecting these two? If so, be warned!

    A little belated with a reply to this but I've been using IObit Uninstaller for a while now and have never experienced any pop-ups, although I have its Updater disabled in msconfig - whether having this enabled is the cause of the pop-ups, I don't know.

    However, SuperAntiSpyware lists IObit Uninstaller and its Unlocker program as PuPs so if you reinstall IObit and SAS, you should be able to use SAS to get rid of whatever is causing the pop-up and then disable its Updater, but I would opt for using AdwCleaner to get rid of anything like that and AdwCleaner doesn't list IObit as a PuP.

    It really is a good Uninstaller.

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