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    Default Minimum Margin Settings for a printer (for ALL Programs)

    Does anyone know how to change the default margins provided to programs by Windows and/or the printer driver?

    I'm using an (admittedly old) HP Laserjet 970CXI printer. In XP and Vista (and even in Windows 98 and Me) the reported default bottom margin was always .46 in. Now, in Windows 7 it comes up as .5 in.

    I have MANY documents in Word and Excel, including templates, that have the previous (correct) margin set. In quite a few cases it is crucial.

    Every time I go to print I am now faced with the annoying error meassage that "margins are outside of the printable area of the page." In every case so far when I select to ignore the margin and print anyway the printer acts as it always has (i.e., uses the .46 in. margin).

    I'm facing at least a few more months with this printer, so please help.


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    Are you using the old printer driver, the newest (October 2009) driver from HP, or the driver that comes with Windows 7? If it isn't the newest one, download that from to see if that improves the behavior.

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