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    Red face I wonder if only me has incredible problems with Win Live Mail?

    When I have purchased a new computer HP i-7 and tried Win. Live Mail, it was looking alike Outlook Express and I transferred all my stored post to it. It was some smaller issues to make program working, but suddenly I was stunned by unexpected problems, which I never met in WinXP Outlook Express, or anywhere. I used Outlook Expr. mostly just to store letters with many information. I call the files for letters, but it was my 'Office'. I stored copied orders, describing of plants, copied articles and information about hotels, other countries, properties and many other information, BECAUSE IT WAS VERY EASY to access them and to see AT ONCE if and WHERE it was what I needed. Word I don't absolutely want to use for it, because it is a long process to open it and to find any info. I store in Word some e-books and other longer info which I seldom use. But when I order something, ex. plants or other items, I put all order, picture of item etc. on one letter in Mail program. I can VERY QUICK and EASY to find all I need. But - obviously Live Mail does not like it! And I don't know why, but especially Win Live Mail hates when I gather info about ex. plants (or describe an information how the plant behaves under years in my garden) and put some smaller pictures between texts.
    The program has not to expect habit, that when I try to make any change in stored 'letters', it suddenly sends message 'Windows Live Mail stopped working' and everything disappears in a second - all my notations and everything I made are LOST! Not only that. Disappears sometimes whole files (letters), even whole folders! I could find them in backup sometimes, but it is very inconvenient, and often the lost files are not to find at all.. which is a catastrophe for me, because disappears very important to me information.. or suddenly a big part of letter and all program window becoming BLACK! I have never seen something like that before!
    The Live Mail has also strange habit of 'sending' letters which were never sent by myself - simply because it was not any e-address on it to sent to, it is namely sort of draft. Result is, that to make a change in such 'sent' letter (which became now a copy of sent letter), I must 'send forward' it, but without really sending to anybody, to be able to make changes. I can't grip why and what for the application is doing such things! And the program has apparent 'moods' - sometimes, rather seldom, you can do all you want a long time and all is ok. But after some hours the Live Mail becoming 'tired' and suddenly, before you could save something, program is 'stopping working' and Windows decides to restart it.. and I loose again all my work.. And another day it is in bad mood at the very beginning when I try to do something. Lately, the program does not allow me to copy and paste from ONLY SOME letters (mostly rather old) to another, newer- more - from one row in the same letter to another place on it! (I copied names, ex. of plants not to make mistake in spelling). When I copy the same words or sentences and paste separately on even sticky notes or Word, I can later copy it again and paste it on the letter, on which I could not do it before (because Live Mail 'Stopping working' every time I tried to paste!). Or - I can't SAVE a written letter! And eventually the program 'stops working'. Really, I could probably write a book about what this completely idiotic program is doing - ridiculous, incredible things, but it makes me do the same work MANY times!
    ONLY ONE GOOD feature this program has - it is searching. I have really very much easier to find any topic, item etc., which was not in Outlook Express. But, unfortunately, this program MOSTLY 'stopped working' and that's it.. I can't see possibility to 'repair' the Win Live Mail, probably it is extremely BAD constructed - but I wondered, if my problems are known or experienced by anybody else? I add, that I have 2 computers with Win7 in 2 countries and both have the same problems with Win Live Mail. Am I doing something very wrong or the program is horribly bad?
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