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    Criteria set by value on input form

    I am currently trying to teach myself how to update to a SQL Server as a back end.

    Some of it upsizes with minor changes but this situation has me stumped.

    I spent several years in access having queries driving reports from commands on an input form.
    I have always been able to use the built in wizards of access to set the query criteria by selecting the Form then seleting the object on the form containing the value I wanted. ([Forms]![frmVolunteerApplication]![ID]). When upsizing to an ADP file (SQL backend) this text string is no longer vaild. Can anyone tell me what the syntax is to put the same information into my criteria row. I have been trying "how to" sites to no avail.

    This is the series of events:
    1. Open a data form in add mode
    2. Type in the data
    3. Refresh the data and keep the data on the screen in the form
    4. Open a printed report based on a query using the value of a control on the form as the criteria.

    Can anyone direct me on how to accomplish this or direct me to a web site that will walk me through the process?

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