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    Strange 'phantom folders' on networked PCs


    Strange 'phantom folders' on networked PCs

    By Fred Langa

    Errant folder synchronization can lead to some weird and ghostly effects on networked PCs. Here are some cures. Plus: Imaging a disk while Windows is active, the number of CDs a Windows repair disc requires, and automated price-tracking tools for Amazon and other shopping sites.

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    Regarding Automated price trackers for online shopping i've found two useful ones for computer components, software, etc. Priceblink is a Chrome browser extension which compares prices across 15 or 20 online stores such as, and many others. When you view a particular product page a yellow bar appears near the top of the page after 2 or 3 seconds showing the lowest price found for that product. The yellow bar includes a drop-down menu listing the product's price at other websites, and clicking on any of them opens a new tab showing the product at that other website. Another way to watch for the best price is at Here you can set up an "alert" for a particular product or for a general product type For example, you may create an alert for "SSD" or be more specific with "Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD". Then you choose whether to be notified instantly by email, or once a day, etc. Hot deals are posted there all day long so you can just check the website anytime for all the latest deals. A secondary benfit of using these types of "deal-watching" is that after following them for a week or two you become familiar with the prices of various items so that the next time a deal comes up you can look at it and say to yourself wow that's a very good price, or nah i've seen better, etc.

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