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    Starting Timesheet Build


    I can first say that I have attempted this with absolutely no success ... I am totally green when using Access 2010!

    I am trying to build a timesheet using Access that is linked to a great Project spreadsheet that was perfected by Maudable on here so I will try this site again for assistance. Although I laid out alot below, I am content with it being simplified so I don't waste your time

    Ideally I would like each employee to be able to fill in a form composing of a dropdown box of our Client's name, next if it can associate the client and only pull a list of the projects relating to it. Next it would auto fill in the start and end date of the project yet auto-generate today's date upon entry and the employee would fill in their hours. Lastly, another dropdown box containing the employee's task completed (each of the 4 employees that will be in the list have their own project tasks).

    I have seen a timesheet template online but tried for days to figure out how to tweek it with no progress and I don't need all that is in the template however the back-end employee and client information is handy. The functionality of the Reports and Invoicing is beneficial as well

    I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet that I use (less the macros because it was too big to upload) and because the template as discussed above is in Access, the format will not allow uploading so to see this please goto:| * I am using 2010 whereas this is an Access 2007 template I believe.

    The following are the colums in my spreadsheet that would pertain to the form:
    Column 6: Client Name
    Column 1: Project Location
    Column 8: Start Date
    Column 9: End Date
    Column 11: Employee

    I thank all in advance for your time and efforts!
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