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    Question Best options for using Dropbox to keep files in sync with Terminal Server network folder

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if someone might be able to offer me some advice.

    I have a user that completes fillable PDF forms on an iPad then emails them to another client who completes some of the details. Sometimes this goes back and forth a few times. There is also another Admin person who may update the file on our Terminal Server (remote desktop server 2008) (drive/folder Q:\QA) where the final copy is stored. At the moment there are that many versions of the PDF file everyone is getting confused!

    On the ipad we use a product called PDF Expert to make the changes to the PDF file and this supports Dropbox.

    I have looked into using Dropbox but it does not support Network drives and I do not really want to install it on the Terminal Server anyway.I have viewed various web articles regarding workarounds for Dropbox using the Subst and mklink but could not get these to work successfully.

    Something I stumbled across which kind of works is installed Dropbox on a Win7 PC of the user with Dropbox folder c:\dropbox
    Synced files in PDF Expert on ipad using dropbox option.
    Installed a product called Syncback to sync the files between c:\dropbox and q:\QA. This is only working when I manually run this with the free version (but if I purchase the paid version I think you can get this to automatically happen)

    Not sure how to handle the emailed versions yet?

    Can anyone offer a better solution to any of this or any other advice. Many thanks

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    I'd make the PDF available on a web site and set the PDF to only save to the web site. Advise users to only send an email link to the web site. (I don't know if this will work on the ipad.)

    cheers, Paul

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