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    Display color balance: What is this X of which you speak?

    I tried to use Windows 7's "Calibrate Color" procedure (in the control panel's Display applet) to adjust my display's settings. The brightness step baffled me.

    The step showed a photograph of a man's upper body. He was wearing a dark suit jacket over a black shirt. The instructions said, "Using the controls on your display, set the brightness higher or lower until you can distinguish the shirt from the suit with the X barely visible."

    Both parts of the instructions are mysterious. I can distinguish the shirt from the suit no matter how I set the brightness, until I set it so low that I can hardly see the image at all. As for the X... I haven't a clue what it means. Is there supposed to be an 'X' printed on the picture? Embroidered on the suit jacket? Formed by shadows in the folds of the shirt? Slashed bloodily on the man's chin with a switchblade?

    I turned the brightness all the way up to 100 which was a little too bright for comfort; no X. It might help if I knew what I was looking for.

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    I gave up on the Windows settings and used the NVIDIA control panel for the video card.

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    Setting the brightness so that you can barely see the X has no bearing on you actually seeing the X. It's done so that the shading, textures, sharpness and clarity of the background is visually esthetic to each individual user. Like Joe S states, using the GPU is best as it has more advance settings then the generic windows settings.

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    I agree, if you have an actual GPU card.
    Otherwise you might want to seriously look at why you need adjustment and maybe consider your monitor's age. (may be ready for the junk heap)
    You might also effect the desired changes from on the monitor's own hardware seetings, if your monitor has them. (little buttons on the monitor)
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