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    Duplex Printing in Macro

    I'm writing a macro for a Word 2010 user where it sends the active document to a specific copier to print double sided. I'm not finding a way to achieve duplex setting, though. Has someone here been able to make that work?

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    I, too, was unable to find any duplex parameter in the VBA PrintOut command other than the one that adjusts output to accommodate manual duplexing.

    A printer's ability to print in duplex mode is detected when Word displays the print dialog, based on the default printer. If your chosen printer is capable of duplexing, Word will offer you the ability to choose it in the dialog rather than displaying the properties of your printer and setting it there. It seems that Word only passes this information through to the print dialog for our convenience; the moment a non-duplexing printer is chosen, the options for auto-duplexing disappear.

    Perhaps the added complexity in providing a parameter for a feature that is often not possible to use, and therefore potentially creating a lot of VBA mischief, caused the fine folks at Msoft to decide not to include it for our own safety and well-being?

    Short of finding a way to manipulate the copier itself--sending it escape codes to put it into duplex mode, for example--I'm not sure VBA can directly address this task. With the model of copier, perhaps a hardware expert could help?
    Best, Kim

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