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    Advice on reinstalling Windows 7

    The C drive (system disk) on my Dell XPS9000 is failing and needs to be replaced. I have the Windows 7 disk the came with the system, a full backup of the failing drive, and an HDD that will become the new the system disk.
    Restoring the backup to a new drive does not create a bootable disk. I would love to clone the existing disk, but because of errors on the disk, my cloning software (Acronis) can't do that.
    I would welcome advice on things like how to make sure I have all the drivers I will need (I assume they are all somewhere on the backup disk), and how to take advantage of the backup to minimize the time required to reinstall and reconfigure my software after I have installed Windows on the new disk. (My data is on a separate disk).
    Thanks for any advice (or pointers to existing advice) on the best way to approach this.

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    If the disk is just a Win 7 install disk, then it won't include your drivers, but these can be backed up from C:\Windows\System32 and dropped back in after the reinstall or you could get them from

    If you want bootable disks then you could contact Dell and request their OEM disks which they may have a charge for.

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    Image the current disk with your Acronis, don't forget to include any recovery partitions, if any, then restore the image to the newly installed drive. When restoring an image of thisa sort, do so from the Acronis boot disk that you will/should have created.
    I would attempt to resore an image to the new drive prior to going through all the trouble and work of clean installing everything from scratch.

    An OEM install will likly include drivers, but they will in all likelyhood be outdated, and that's depending upon how old your system is and the type of
    OEM restore/reinstall disk or partition, or image.

    Dell will have all the needed drivers from their download and support page, you will likely be asked to enter a model number for your computer.
    I would download everything you need before you attempt anything.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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