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    Question Separating Access Report to send out to Multiple Recipients

    This is my first post on Windows Secrets Lounge. I am a fairly tech savvy person that can generally figure out issues on my own but I absolutely have NO clue when it comes to VBA and macros.

    At my job a presented an idea to solve a problem by using Access and no good deed goes unpunished! I now have to come up with the solution as well!

    I have created a report titled "Fuel Exceptions Report". The info is grouped by email addresses. I have the report setup to separate pages by email address. is on page 1 with pertinent information. is on page 2 with pertinent information. I have no idea how to get page 1 to and page 2 to (Also there are realistically about 1,500 different email addresses).

    I have a separate table with a list of email addresses that could possibly show on my report that links to the information being queried for my report. The fields of my report are Email Address (grouping), Card number, Vehicle ID (ties to the email address), Date, Merchant Location, Product, TransactionDate, Quantity and Exception.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster!

    Check out post #2 in this thread. HTH
    May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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