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    Setting Up My "old" PC For My Wife's Use

    I recently abandoned my Dell Dimension E520 desktop in favor of a new Dell Inspiron 660 desktop at home. I had upgraded the E520 from XP to Windows 7, along with several hardware upgrades (dual 500GB hard drives, maxed RAM at 4GB, video card, etc.). Even though I was the only user (plus a renamed Administrator account) I frequently installed programs and skipped the "install for ALL users" option... so some of the resident programs are presently accessible only under my user account login.

    My wife's personal PC at her work office is an older Dell with XP, and has become unreliable. So my plan is to swap it out for my Dell E520, and set up her own user account on it, plus her necessary work logins, email, etc. I will probably be using the Windows Easy Transfer program to retain her user preferences, desktop settings, etc. from her XP office PC. After I've migrated her settings over to my E520 and she has her own user account, I'm wondering how to ensure that she'll have access to all the programs I've already installed on it under my own user account?

    Any other helpful hints to smooth out this transition would also be appreciated. Thanks.
    Paul Bunyan

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster!

    The option to install for all users usually only takes the shortcut for the program and installs it into the All Users start area vs your user account start area. You can simply move the short cut from one to the other and things will be fine. HTH
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    Or rename your account and change the password, then apply the settings to that account.

    cheers, Paul

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