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    Unhappy adware.dealply and IMURTECH

    Just had an interesting experience with a trojan titled "adware.dealply." A popup showed up on my browser screen (Chrome) stating that there was a virus on my computer with the above name. If the page wouldn't respond to any input, I was to call 1-888-789-1671 which turned out to be an outfit called "IMURTECH" they got remote control of my computer and then told me that it was infected with a "really bad virus" which had to be cleaned out manually, and that they could do it for $169.99. At that point I asked how they got involved, were they contracted by an AV company or Microsoft. The tech, an indian sounding male named Gary, said they were contracted by Microsoft to handle "Windows problems." At that point, I backed out of the conversation, thanked him for his time and began looking up adware.dealply on the web. Turns out there are lots of sites that will clean it out for free. Used Norton's power eraser which took out all the offending files, as confirmed by a manual search.

    Watch out for these guys.

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    I wouldn't have phoned anyone and certainly wouldn't have allowed remote access even if I had.

    Google is nearly always the best friend in dealing with these sort of things as you have found.

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    Ya, I doubt anything even got on your system, that popup message was the virus trying to get aboard or social engineering trying to get you to call. First thing to try is right clicking on the Chrome title bar and bring up the Chrome task manager and just kill that page if possible. If that is locked out, bring up the system task manager and kill Chrome and then just don't let that page reload when Chrome is restarted.

    My chances of paying attention to anything the page was indicating would also be 0.00%

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