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    Angry Have I messed everything up? Can it be fixed?

    I hate this system. It seems to have a mind of its own and is NOT user friendly. And again, this morning, my computer took over. I was trying to select a group of images to be uploaded from a DVD to website. I kind of know how to highlight the images I want, but half the time they just get moved. This time it looks like I have moved them OFF the DVD to be copied to a different disk. The image numbers are under a file that says "Images to be copied to disk" and no longer exist in the list of images on the original disk. Did I remove this images from the disk? If so, how do I undo this action? Right now a number of my wedding photos seem to be in limbo. All I want to do is select a group of images from the disk and upload them to a site so I can get them processed!

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    Don't worry, they're still be on the DVD. Insert the DVD in another computer and take a look.

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    There is a thing called a rewritable DVD. You can rewrite the data, and therefore by rewriting the Directory, you can "delete" files.

    1) it is unlikely that you have a rewritable DVD, they are more expensive than regular DVDs and less common.

    2) If you do have a rewritable DVD, you can use the same tools that you use to recover files deleted from other directories.

    3) The files are still in the "Images to be copied to disk" folder, you can copy them someplace else for safe keeping while you figure it out.

    I think that SpywareDr is right, that if you look at the DVD in another computer, you will find that it hasn't done anything to the DVD.

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