I have Excel 2007 (actually Office 2007) which I run on a Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) computer. I maintain a website, www.ottawapark.org, in which I create a quasi-calendar using Excel. I save the spreadsheet as an .htm file, and then upload it, and its sub-folder, to my host service. For ease of readability, I use the Arial Black font.

Firefox and their derivative browsers use hardware acceleration (default) if the computer is so equipped. For some reason recently, the acceleration feature prevents this browser from recognizing Arial Black, and defaults to standard Arial, because on XP, and on Office 2007, Arial Black is a separate font from Arial. But in Windows 7, Arial Black (as well as Arial Narrow) is now part of the Arial 'family'. So not recognizing Arial Black as a separate font family, Firefox considers it as a standard Arial font, and displays it as such. No other browsers that I have tested have this problem.

You can see the Excel file on my website by going to the website and clicking on the Calendar tab. If you are using a Firefox browser, to see the Arial Black font you will have to turn off hardware acceleration (Advanced tab on the Options menu).

I have tested other fonts that are common to both Windows 7 and Excel 2007 and work with the hardware acceleration, but they are not as easy to read as Arial Black.

So my question is: Is there some way that I can add the Arial 'family' of fonts from Windows 7 so Excel 2007 will recognize them? I have not been able to figure our how to do this.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.