I am trying to convert a file captured from my video camcorder into a DVD that will play on my DVD player. The player DOES support several different file types, however nothing I try will work. I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and have tried several different burning softwares including K3b, DeVeDe, and DVD Styler. I have also used Transmeggadon to transform the .dv format into .avi, .mpeg4 and one other format I can't remember. Every time I get the same error from the DVD Player. Unable to read format. I never had an issue doing this on Windows using movie maker. However I no longer have Windows installed and was able to successfully capture the video from the camcorder. I can play the DVD on the computer, just not on the DVD Player to the tv. I know I am missing some formatting step somewhere. Can anyone shed any insight on this as to what I'm doing wrong or maybe suggest another DVD Video creator software that might be easier to use? Any help is definitely appreciated.

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