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    Catalog MailMerge

    Hi Paul,

    I need some help for field codes at mail merge. Objective is to merge same record with multiple details. Am clueless about field codes and is struggling with them.

    Respondent _Name Respondent_Role Team Member
    ===== ==== ====
    John supervisor Jenny
    John direct report Sarah

    Mary cross unit Mark
    Mary supervisor Jane

    How to capture

    John , showing the role he has to performed as a rater to feedback on Team member Jenny and Sarah. I watched the tutorial, understand but have problem with codes when inserting into the documents

    {QUOTE{IF{MERGESEQ}= 1 {SET Key ""}}"{IF{MERGEFIELD Respondent_Name}<> {Key} "{IF{MERGESEQ}> 1 ""}{MERGEFIELD Respondent_Name}{MERGEFIELD City}{SET Key {MERGEFIELD City}}"}{MERGEFIELD TM} {MERGEFIELD Respondent_Name}"}

    Could you advise the proper codes for me to copy and edit, please.

    Coco (Singapore)

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    What part are you having trouble with? As for "I watched the tutorial", I'm not sure what you mean. The tutorial is a document to read, with field codes you can copy into your own document, not a video to watch. See:

    PS: Please don't hijack other people's threads. Your post has nothing to do with the one you posted your reply in. I have moved yours to a new thread.

    Paul Edstein
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