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    IP-based location printing via terminals

    Hi all

    I'm new at this whole IP Based Location Printing thing...

    I'm currently managing a small school's network. They've got 3 printers on IP. All printers are shared via the domain PC (running the DC).

    One printer is in the Computer Lab, the other in the Staff Lab, and the other one in the Library.

    I came across the problem the school has. Students are printing to other printers on the network, which they shouldn't be doing. The computer teacher and I have no control over printing now.

    I was wondering, how do I set up location based printing, so that if the student is logged onto a Library PC, that he/she can only see the Library Printer and not the other 2 printers, and so on for the other locations.

    Our network works via vSpace nComputing devices, with Terminal Services. We run Windows Server 2008 R2 as an operating system. The Printers are deployed via the Group Policy. They are installed on the computer running the domain.

    Can anyone please help me with a tutorial or guide to set up location based printing?

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    There is no reliable way to track location unless you have subnets for each location - different IP ranges, e.g. 192.168.0.x in the library and 192.168.1.x in the Staff Lab. With this set up you would be able to connect specific printers via your login script, but students would still be able to change the printer if they wanted. The only reliable way is for printing to be controlled by a "print to me" system where users log into the printer, or a controller and select the print job they want to print.

    cheers, Paul

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