Hello, I have created my own work flow that I would like to automate writing a Macro in Excel. I hope I can get help from you getting started as I am new in VBA programming.
I have a database of customers in Excel where I list name, company, phone, email, address, etc. This list is entered manually and each customer gets their own number that is unique to them.
My ultimate goal is to create one button in excel to create a new document.
1 - When you click on the button, the code should ask you to select a customer with a drop-down menu listing the customers in the excel sheet.
2 - Once the customer is selected and "ok" is pressed, the code should ask you to select the type of document you want to register/create: report, email or letter. (Report and letter are templates in Word, email is just to register the email and give it a unique number for reference).
3 - Once the type of document is chosen and you press "ok", the code should
3.1 - Generate a unique reference number based on a rule that I yet need to specify
3.2 - Ask for the title of the document.
3.3 - Open a word file from the template, fill bookmarks with data from the customer in question and the reference number generated, then register the document title with reference number in a row in a excel sheet specific for that customer.

For me, the above is a lot of work but I am willing to learn and do it. So my first question is of course if anyone has done a similar operation and can share the code with me so I can get a jump start.
If not, is it possible to ask if anyone has worked with a code to open a Word template from Excel and fill Bookmarks with specific data?

I really appreciate any help I can get.

BR, Eplemost