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Thread: Win 7 /Task Bar

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    Win 7 /Task Bar

    I always use the right click on icons on the task bar such as MS Word and MS Excel to bring up the list of Pinned and recently accessed files. Every once in a while the list goes blank. For instance I had a list of about 10 recently accessed files in MS Excel. The other day when I right clicked only 1 file was there, the one I had just accessed an hour or so previous. This has also happened in MS Word and Windows Explorer, but usually only 1 is affected at a time.
    If I open MS Excel or MS Word and click on RECENT under FILE all of the recent files are there. So it only happens using the right click shortcut from the task bar icons.

    Anyone have any idea why the recent file list is being cleared.

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    Are you running any third party system cleaning or tuning programs?


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