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    Microsoft's NEW OS now runs on HALF of ALL desktop PCs

    Gotcha! It's the five-year-old Windows 7, not touchy 8.1

    By Gavin Clarke, 2 Jun 2014

    Windows 7 accounted for 50.06 per cent of operating system market share in May
    The operating system expanded its share from 49.27 per cent in April
    Windows 8.1 scored a milestone of its own last month, as it also eclipsed Windows 8.
    Windows 8.1 claimed 6.35 per cent of desktops, up from 5.88 per cent in April
    Windows XP in May fell by 1.02 percentage points from the month before, landing at 25.27 per cent

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    Ya, I've heard through the grapevine (multiple podcasts) that techs have been very busy [finally] upgrading small businesses from XP to Win 7. Microsoft still figures out how to count those as Win 8 sales though for new OEM systems so actual Internet use is probably a better measure even though the XP slide might be slightly exaggerated due to folks still using XP but only offline.

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