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    Opening embedded doc having radio buttons

    I have created a Word 2010 form having radio buttons as well as combo boxes and text boxes. After the form is protected, saved, closed, then opened, all fields work correctly. I then embed this document into another Word 2010 document. When the form is opened from within the "holding" document, all fields except the radio buttons work. When clicked, the radio button appears selected as if it were unprotected and in design mode. It remains protected, however, and cannot be edited--Word crashes. It's not the crash that concerns me, it's the non-functioning radio buttons that work until opened from the holding document. Any ideas for a solution?

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    Have you thought of using Content Controls instead? With CCs you can still tab from field to field, but you don't have to protect the form (unless you have unruly users...).

    You might have more luck embedding such a form in another document.

    Best, Kim

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