I'm running different traffic bots like HitLeap and others on Windows Server 2008 R2 which I connect

to through Remote Desktop.

It's very very important that the bots stay always connected and running 24/7 because otherwise I'm

loosing money!

But it happens that connection drops on Windows Server several times a day. So first I can see that

Remote Desktop isn't connected anymore. Then when I log in, I see that HitLeap minutes have been reset

to 0.

But as soon as I log in through RD, the connection resumes and the bots continue running again.

In the Server Manager's Event Viewer I can see many messages saying:

"Remote session from client name a exceeded the maximum allowed failed logon attempts. The session was

forcibly terminated."

I tried to disable Idle Time-out and Recycling for the Application Pool.

Not really sure what the Server Manager and Application Pools are needed for. I just want to run

desktop software like on regular Windows 8 machine. Is that possible?

Does anyone knows of any solution to the connection problem? It became really frustrating!