I have a friend (yeah right) that is having problems with a pass thru query. It is calling a stored procedure on SQL Server 7, and passing a string to the server.
Example: Exec SP_Delete_Old @strCriteria = "01/01/2002"

In this example, the pass thru query calls the Store Procedure "SP_Delete_Old" and passes the criteria string "01/01/2002".

Now, the problem is: When she calls the pass thru, it prompts her twice to enter her password. Well, actually worse than that. It does NOT prompt her, but it prompts anyone else that uses the database on any other computer.

I know it is possible to hardcode a uid and pwd into the query, but as a widespread application that is not a suitable. We need to be able to secure the query better than that.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.