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    Combo Box Change event not firing on click (VB6)

    Okay, this is another, probably really basic, question.

    I have a standard ComboBox and I want to trap for change events so I can enable a Save button. If the user types something, it fires. If the user clicks on the drop down and makes another selection, it doesn't.

    There doesn't appear to be any event that fires for this (except the click event which fires before anything in the box is changed). Does anyone have a trick they use to trap for this event?

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    Re: Combo Box Change event not firing on click (VB6)

    The Click event in either a ComboBox or ListBox does not fire until a selection is clicked on, and then only if a change results. It is not fired when the dropdown button on a ComboBox is clicked (that is the DropButtonClick event). So the click event of the combobox should accomplish what you want.

    Andrew C

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