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    Windows & Email Problems - intermittent username and password failure

    I am posting in here because the issue appears to be email in general (not just outlook) so I'm at a loss to identify the actual problem.

    I am having ongoing problems with customers using outlook to connect and download email from my servers where I host email accounts for them. Most of my customers have had issues using outlook however, I myself have had the same issue and I use eM Client so it is not isolated to Outlook.

    I have spoken to my server host who cannot help in identifying the problem.

    Customers have outlook configured to connect and check email regularly... then all of a sudden, outlook starts giving a "failed username/password" error... Then, after 30 failed login attempts, the server boots them out and blacklists the IP address!

    I have no evidence as to what is happening at any stage however, of course the hosting company says - "we get an incorrect username/password combination" - and we block access...

    The only possible scenarios I can fathom:
    1. The server get's confused and blocks repeated attempts?
    2. Outlook has a temporary issue where it repeatedly tries to connect but with an incorrect password?

    There is something deeper though because it happens on eM Client so perhaps it's with the mail dll?

    I have no idea??? Perhaps the transaction is being corrupted between the email client and the server and the server is just rejecting it???

    This happens to lots of customers and it happens at least once a fortnight.

    It happens to me as well at times... Then I get blacklisted and locked out of CPanel and WHM...

    It's painful and noone seems to be able to diagnose the problem...

    Any ideas on any type of analysis would be appreciated...

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    I don't have a solution but what I do when any of my client's E-Mail Client [program] has a problem is go to the ISPs or Domain Host's Webmail page and try to log in using the same name and password, verifies the E-Mail service is working. I have a hosting service for my Domain that provides IMAP and I can use either an E-Mail Client or Webmail.

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