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    Unhappy Windows 2008 DC virtualization

    Greetings Fellow Techies,

    I have Virtualized a Windows 2008 DC Server using VMware vCenter tool. Once I open the
    Server using VM Player on Ubuntu the Server boots up flawlessly but Active Directory do not
    work. There is no point virtualizing the DC if the Active Directory is not working. The service
    show it is working. Also I have found that Ethernet Driver & Base System Driver is not been
    installed as well. When I Install Windows 2008 STD Server as Clean Install on the same
    configuration everything is working fine.... How do I get all thiese corrected? Do I have to re-
    Virtualize the Server with may be Active Directory Service stopped etc etc... your suggestions are
    appreciated very much

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    Virutalized DCs are a good idea and easy to do, but you should always have one GC stand alone in case your VM server chucks a wobbly.
    Virutalizing an existing DC should not be a problem except that you will need to set up the network card with the old address and you can't do that because it's assigned to a hidden card that you no longer have on the virtual platform.
    1. Install VMware tools from the console screen and you should then have a network card - and decent video.
    2. Follow this VMware KB to recover your IP address.

    cheers, Paul

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