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    how to stop the first number in Number heading style from being indented?

    I've looked through the various submenus in the Modify Style page for the 1 Numbered heading style, but don't see where I can adjust the setting to stop the first number (1) from being paragraph indented. The Numbering and Bullets window doesn't drill down to those kind of settings, and I see 0" for the left indentation whjen I look at the Paragraph window.

    Can anyone help me out with this? I've attached a screenshot of what I mean, as well as the properties for the Numbered heading style.

    number indent.PNG

    number properties.PNG


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    It looks like you have dueling format styles. Your paragraph format is set at the left margin, but the number is set to .5. Your first numbered paragraph looks like it's trying to obey the number rule (although it's not indented at a half inch?) and the second seems to be obeying the paragraph rule.

    In general, once you've applied a number to a paragraph, it's best to use only the number dialog to format indents. How you do this depends on which version of Word you're using. Refer to Shauna Kelly's site regarding numbering. She covers most versions of Word.

    Best, Kim

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