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    managing right click context menu

    I have XP Pro sp3. I need to manage, edit, add, delete items in the context menu for files, & folders. I have downloaded several free programs, none of which work for me. I have worked with the registry but it does not list the total items in the menu that I want to delete. I have about 30 entries in a context menu as well as 20+ in the send to menu associated with the context menu. I have never intentionally added items to those menus and I use only about a dozen items. How can I edit those menus ie. delete those I do not nor will ever use.

    Please don't tell me to upgrade to 7 or 8. My situation is not currently compatable to upgrading.

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    Most of those items will have been placed there by programs you have loaded. I would suggest you:
    1. Take an image backup for safety!
    2. Uninstall any program you are not using and see what that gets rid of.
    3. Click on the remaining items and see which program opens. Then check the programs settings and see if you can eliminate the items from there.
    4. If you're adventuresome you can edit the registry. See the third (by Kelly) here for locations.

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