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    Question Is It Possible To Control A PowerPoint slide show with VBA via USB port


    I am looking at the possibility of controlling a PowerPoint 2010 slideshow using VBA to pick up control signal to advance the slides via the USB port. The control signal would come from a analogue reel to reel tape recorder via a switching circuit.

    Same idea as using a tape recorder and a slide synchroniser to trigger a 35mm slide projector.

    The show would use a four channel reel to reel tape recorder;

    • tracks 1 & 2 for music background,
    • track 3 for commentary
    • track 4 for the synchronising signal

    Tracks 1, 2 & 3 would be mixed live into the amplifier system and the track 4 synchronising pulse into the USB port of laptop containing the PowerPoint slideshow.

    I envisage the pulse signal could interface to the USB port using a CMOS logic gate chip.

    The question is; Can I read the USB port state using VBA in PowerPoint?

    Thanks in advance.
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