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    Outlook 2010 Contacts not visible

    Recently a phone sync problem seemingly deleted a lot of my contacts. However, I'm not 100% sure that they're actually gone. Every time I add what I think is a "deleted" contact, Outlook offers to update what I already have, even though that particular contact's info doesn't appear in the list, which to me seems to say that the "deleted" contacts have simply been made "invisible". So the question is, how do I get those contacts which are no longer displayed in my Contact list to re-appear? Is there a tool that will do it automatically?

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    Have you changed the view or put a filter on it?


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    Contacts that are not always visible

    I have a similar problem with appearing and disappearing contacts.
    I hope you have the same Outlook 2010 view that I have, where on the lower left portion of the vertical toolbar (side-bar?), there is a line depicting a business card that states "Contacts" (below a line with an envelop that states "Mail" and a "Calendar" line).
    *Now, if you click on that "Contacts" line, you may see (like I do) all (or most) of your contacts (there are different "Views" for showing/displaying them) on the right main page. The left vertical side-bar, should now be listing lines for "My Contacts" at the top. You may have additional listing lines for "Contacts" and "Suggested Contacts" and maybe even "Archived Contacts.
    *Now, if you go to the right top of the page for "Search Contacts [Ctrl+E]" and type any name (whether they are being shown or are of the disappearing variety), you may notice that your "Quick Access Toolbar" may have changed (at least mine does) and there is an item (top left-most) labeled "All Contact Items" with an icon on top of it that almost looks like a business card!
    I find that this icon is the ONLY way I can see my additional (and disappearing) contacts that are NOT listed in the right pane where the 'Contacts' are normally displayed!
    *Now, you can highlight all these "invisible" contacts[Ctrl+A] and move them (those from "All Contact Items") to the left side-bar line that is labeled "Contacts"!

    I hope this helps and although I have used every version of Office/Outlook both professionally and personally, I have not figured out why there is a difference but I have been able to tolerate this shortcoming or maybe it is my own lack of full understanding of how it supposed to work!
    Please let me know if this helps. There are a few other tricks that I have learned that I can share if needed!AC

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