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Thread: Data Validation

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    Data Validation

    I have file that I am working on and when I am using Data validation for my list I was wondering is it possible that everytime i click the drop down that it will show the first possible selection in my list? Ex: Say my list comprises of A,B,C,D,E,F,G to choose from. I select G from the dropdown, and if i come back and select that dropdown again it will only show G and it will cut off the letters above it(Lets say it wont show A,B,C). Is there a way for my data validation list to always start from the top of my selection list when i click the dropdown? even if letter G would be selected? I am thinking a formula may have to be added to revert the start of the selection to the top everytime, but not sure of what that would be or if its even possible. I can post an example like the one I have mentioned if needed. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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    If your list is only A-G it should behave that way. It behaves more as describe when you have more 8 entries. It will have the current entry selected and show 7 other items. If the G is at the end it will show it and the 7 previous. If there are < 7 entries after the selection it will show those later entries, the selection, and then the rest will items before the selection. If there are more than 7 entries after the selection the selection will be the top and the rest will be the next 7.

    i do not believe it is possible with datavalidation to change this behavior. What you can do is delete the entry before select the pulldown and it will start at the top.


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