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    deleting a file in a folder that is auto created with dates so only last item is deleted

    hello all i am looking for some help i have a program that auto creates a backup every 30 minutes but does not delete at interval and is filling up my hd i was wondering if anyone can help me i resurched a little and have tried to make a batch file in order to create a bat file this is what i have
    for /f "usebackq delims== tokens= 2" %%i in (
      `WMIC OS GET localdatetime /format:value`
      ) do set localTime=%%i
    set "YYYY=%localTime:~0,4%"
    set "M=%localTime:~4,1%"
    set "MM=%localTime:~5,1%"
    set "D=%localTime:~6,1%"
    set "DD=%localTime:~7,1%"
    if %M%==0 set M=
    if %D%==0 set D=
    cd /d "~%~dp0"
    FOR /F "tokens=*" %%X IN ('dir .\%YYYY%\%M%%MM%\%D%%DD%\Backup-serversave-%YYYY%-%M%%MM%-%D%%DD%--*.zip /b /o:-d') DO set FILENAME=%%~X
    rem FILENAME now contains the last element
    if "%FILENAME%" neq "" DEL "%FILENAME%"
    however when it goes to delete the file it says it cannot find it is there anyone that can help me i would also like this to run at the same time as the program so every half hour or so if it is at all possable that way i dont get overloaded with the saves it would also be nice if there was a way to specify that it would not do anything if there were not at least say five files in the folder. thanks for anyone that can help me with this

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    The line dir .\%YYYY%\%M%%MM%\%D%%DD%\Backup-serversave-%YYYY%-%M%%MM%-%D%%DD%--*.zip will look in the current directory for a folder named "2014\06\23" and a file "Backup-serversave-2014-06-23--*.zip".
    In a batch file if you need to look in a specific directory you need to specify the full path somewhere, not use just a relative path. You can do this by changing to the base directory using a "CD" command or add the base directory to your path specification. Alternatively, specify a base directory and use "dir /s" to search all sub-directories. Using the sub-directory option you can remove all the date determination code.
    See this post for some code samples.

    To schedule programs you should use "Task Scheduler".

    cheers, Paul

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