I've just changed over to Outlook 2013 from 2010 and the main problem I have is the pale and anaemic on-screen appearance of the whole application. (In fact it's a problem with all 2013 Applications).

At least, though, there is a simple way to change the color and font of the unread mail headers which makes them stand out from the emails that have been read.

Go here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/stevelasker/...look-2013.aspx

(If this, or something like it) has been posted before, my apologies - I couldn't find the solution elsewhere.

I'm still searching for ways to brighten up the on-screen display of Outlook 2013 and all of the other 2013 applications. If anyone has a global solution to this problem I'd be very pleased to receive it. (the three Office Themes supplied by MS are next to useless in brightening up the on-screen appearance. It is the screen fonts that are the problem - too low in contrast).