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    Disappearing pinned tabs in Firefox

    For quite awhile now I've had problems with pinned tabs that disappear. It happens under this circumstance. I normally have three pinned tabs for sites that I use often, however if I open a second instance of Firefox, it opens without the pinned tabs and if this instance of Firefox is the last one to be closed, the next time I open Firefox there are no pinned tabs and I have to reset them again.

    Is there a workaround for this?


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    I wondered if the option to 'show windows & tabs from last time' might be the problem (because it restores the last-closed instance of FF), so tried pinning a couple of tabs, resetting the start option to 'show a blank page' and shutting FF down. On re-opening, the pinned tabs were present, along with a blank page. Stage 1 success!

    Stage 2: I opened a new instance of FF (blank page), closed the one with pinned tabs, then the new one. On restarting the pinned tabs appeared, along with the blank page.

    They seem to have thought of everything! HTH, Martin

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