I have customized the Backstage in Word 2010, and I've been very successful with some robust customization. I'm finding that one bit in particular is not functioning similarly in Word 2013.

I have two buttons that do something similar. One toggles the electronic letterhead (on the Print tab), and the other is in the email group, in a custom group that replaces SendAsAttachment.

My XML code for both is as follows:

<button id="btnActiveDocumentSave"
imageMso="FileSave" />

<button id="rbToggleLH"
label="Toggle Letterhead"
isDefinitive="false" />

In both cases, I do not want Backstage to close, thus isDefinitive="false". This functions as expected with both buttons in Word 2010. But in Word 2013, the button that runs "QuickSaveDocument" causes Backstage to close, despite the false value for isDefinitive. The VBA code for QuickSaveDocument is simple: ActiveDocument.Save.

I suppose the difference here is that the Save event is application level, and it looks like Word 2013 is fussier and wants to close Backstage when it executes. My code to toggle the LH adds or deletes an image to the letter that's open. (Both buttons display only when circumstances merit.)

Has anyone experienced this difference with isDefinitive in Office 2013? I'm wondering if it's a bug or intentional. (I suppose it's "always" intentional.) I can use SendKeys to get back to where I want to be, but I've never fully trusted SendKeys.

Many thanks.