I have a number of spreadsheets with a column that details the quarter of the particular year. To make it easier to see I use conditional formatting to fill the cells with a colour for each quarter. There are now 32 conditional formats. On opening the 'Conditional Formatting Rules Manager' the 'Applies to' range shows but as one scrolls down the list the ranges disappear (apparently randomly but consistently if that makes any sense). I have a work around which is scrolling to the section I want to look at, checking and unchecking the 'Stop if True' box and then clicking Apply. The ranges are then shown until scrolling again. When the range is not showing the range can not be pasted over so it's something more than just a no-show.

I'm using Office 2013 Quick to Run (god help me! but that's another discussion).
OS: Windows 8.1 Update

I have two questions:
1. Does anyone have a fix for this?
2. How does one report a bug to Microsoft. I've tried but they are about as interested in a bug report as a goldfish is in nuclear physics.

If Microsoft are listening please make the 'Conditional Formatting Rules Manager' window sizeable.

Ta in advance!