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    Conditional Jumps (Access 2000)

    I have had a lot of help trying to solve various Access problems, thanks to the people that offered suggestions. I am trying to solved most myself but have come across two problems that are frustrating me and perhaps answers are easily available. First I want to us a Tick Box or Option box or even a toggle box,so that when selected will put a value in another box (a currency value such as $10.00) It sounds easy, but the Help file gives various methods using VBA or the expression builder none I have found to work, is there an easy solution to this problem? Next I want to total currency values in a Subform, the Help file gives suggestion to use DSUM but it says this will only work with Forms. The total figuire I get from the Subform will be used in it's parent form as bases for a calculation and an answer deposited in a Text box
    as part of another calculation,is there an answer to this problem? I have just started using Access and what seems an easy problem turns out to be a learners nightmare.

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    Re: Conditional Jumps (Access 2000)

    Assuming a check box named 'Check3' and a text field name 'Text5' then code like this in the After Update event of the Check box should give you the results you want:

    If Me.Check3 = -1 Then
    Me.Text5 = "$10.00"
    Me.Text5 = Null
    End If

    The DSum should provide the answer you need in your subform.

    This article should help you to get the value in the subform in to your main form...

    <A target="_blank" HREF= _SRCH&SPR=ACC2000></A>


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