I just "upgraded" from Office 2010 to Office 2013. I have an application at work that automates Word from a VB6 application. Prior to the upgrade the automation worked fine. Now, when Word is opened from within the VB application I always get a configuration screen pop up with a message that Office is being configured. This takes several seconds and always happens. Same thing happens with PowerPoint.

I created a new small test VB app to make sure nothing else change in my application that would affect it and I can reproduce the behavior in the test app, so it clearly is some setting in Office that is different from 2010. I checked the Office Trusted security settings and changed the macro security settings to enable all macros and trust access to the vba project object model, but that made no difference.

Years ago I used to see the same behavior with Office 2003, which required a Registry hack to fix. I hope this ain't that!

Any ideas?