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    Review: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet


    Review: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet

    By Patrick Marshall
    Microsoft's third-generation tablet is rolling out with more configurations, a larger screen, and other worthy enhancements.
    The old adage about "third time's the charm" with Microsoft products would seem to apply to its just-released Surface Pro 3.

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    This article is spot on. I too bought the Surface Pro 2 in order to have a fully functional tablet to replace my desktop. In fact, I purchased the Surface 2 previously in an earlier attempt. Patrick gave his to his son and I gave my Surface 2 to my daughter. BTW, she loves it and uses in tied into her company's massive network to supplement her work. So, here I am, with a Surface Pro 2 and wanting the 3. I have a docking station with a KVM switch to my old desktop (still use some old software that I can't get transferred). I love everything about the system I have except my old eyes can't easily read email or surfing on the smaller tablet. I grab the tablet and walk out the door... come back and plug it in... Also absolutely love the Arc Touch Mouse; totally cool mouse. I can expand the display, but then when I am back to the docking station I get blasted with large print on the big screen. Regardless of all this, I am so pleased to see the review on the new Surface 3. But I know that if I buy one, the 4 will be right around the corner. Besides, I have run out of kids to give the old ones to.

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