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    "Access denied" on temp file

    Although this could be a programming issue, since it has never occurred on any other system (including my own Win 8.1 system), I thought it might be some kind of Windows setup problem. I have a user of my software who is consistently experiencing an "Access denied" error on a temp file in her default temporary files folder (see attachment). This seems to only occur when she previews a report, but I don't think that is as relevant as the fact that only she is getting this error. Are there any mis-settings that might cause something like this? Her system is (as far as I can tell) a vanilla 8.1 system that she set up "as is" from the box a few months ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    In lieu of any other way to fix it I'd boot to a Linux LiveCD/LiveDVD such as Linux Mint 16 or 17, locate the file and delete it and if the only file also delete the subFolder it's in, reboot then see if the problem goes away or if it is recreated at the next time of viewing a report the same way.

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    Have you checked Event Viewer/Online help to see if MS gives any info as to why this can happen and possible solutions ?

    There doesn't appear to be much info on Error 1705 (that I understand ) but if it doesn't happen in Safe Mode with Networking then it could be a 3rd party AV or other program blocking/conflicting and if it still happens in a clean boot but not in Safe Mode etc. then that would probably point to the AV program.
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