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    Prefix (Mr., Ms.) does not show in report (Access 2013)

    I have a table that stores the names of former teachers and principals of my old school. One field is "Prefix" (Mr., Ms., Miss, and so on), which gets it values from a separate tblPrefixes. tblPrefixes has just two fields: ID and Prefix. I set up the Prefix table first. When I set up the table of faculty, I used the Lookup Wizard to make the link with tblPrefixes.

    This arrangement works just as intended in the table, and it works with the query based on the faculty table. The prefix or title displays correctly in both the table and the query in datasheet view. However, the Prefix field displays the ID when I use it in a report. That is, I see the digit 1 (the PrefixID) instead of "Mr."

    I'm sure there's a quick and easy fix, but I can't see it. Anyone ... ?

    Never mind. I just figured it out for myself. I'd based the report on a table that I'd created with a make-table query. I changed the data source to the query itself, and now the Prefix field displays as it should. Sometimes it helps to write things out to see what's going on.
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    I'm not sure I see the advantage of having the Prefix be an ID#. Seems like a lot of extra work with little or no benefit.
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